4 Business Tasks You Can Complete on the Way to the Airport IF You’re In a Chauffeured Vehicle

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Frequent business travelers know it makes sense to take a chauffeured vehicle to the airport.   Making a business trip automatically means that this is a serious mission or you wouldn’t be traveling.  You arrive safely without the hassle and stress of driving or even dealing with a taxi. 

The trip will take a while, so why not use that period to take care of some business tasks that you wouldn’t ordinarily have the time to handle? 

There are a lot of things that you can do in the comfort of a chauffeured vehicle that you wouldn’t want to do while sitting in a plane.  While there are lots of simple tasks that could be taken care, there are four that are perfect for doing on the ride to the plane.  

1.     Preparing for Your Meeting

Even if you have a prepared presentation, it’s always a good idea to consider the person or people with whom you will meet.  You can review the online material that provides you with information about the “other side” of the meeting. 

Many times, careful analysis of the principals of the group that will be attending will reveal some key points that will be useful references.  For example, a search of a company website may give you background on the company itself, as well as the hierarchy of the executives who work there.  It is always good to have a clear picture of the top decision-maker.

Once you have an idea of “who does what,” you can also use LinkedIn to get information about their background, previous position, causes they support and more.   If you do check LinkedIn, you can decide if you want the parties you are reviewing to know that you are doing so. 

If you DON’T want them to know that you are looking, dig into the Account settings under privacy to disable others' ability to see you viewed their profile.

In the quiet of the chauffeured vehicle, you can then make notes and use these insights to better position yourself with the top managers. 


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2.     “Get Smart”

It’s important to keep up with the latest trends in business thinking.   Most business books are just a rehash of other people’s thinking, but some do provide new insights or processes that have real substance and can even inspire ways to improve your career and business.

How can you tell what’s worth reading?  There are some easy ways to “hack” business books. 

One is to check out the New York Times Book Review and see what they rank among the top reads.  Sometimes you can get enough out of one their reviews to get the worthwhile ideas without actually taking the time to read the physical book.

Another is to check out Amazon’s list of hot new books.  You can usually review the table of contents and some excerpts in the “inside this book” area.  Again, you don’t necessarily have to read the whole book to get the benefit of the author’s ideas.

https://www.blinkist.com/ - this is an app which gives you a capsule version (billed as a 15-minute read) of their “2000+ top nonfiction titles in 19 leading categories.”  You can get one book per day for free or sign up for more services for $49.99 to $79.99. 

Any of these hacks will keep you as up-to-date as you would like to be without having to build out a new wing for your library or spend the time to plow through all the volumes.

3. Recognize Achievements and Contributors

While you have the time without distractions, consider those members of your organization or team who have been doing a superior job.  Sometimes, we take people for granted and think that they know much they are valued. 

Take the time to make a list of the star performers and the great team members that make the best things happen for you and your company.  Many managers make the mistake of thinking that they need to provide monetary awards for great work. 

That’s a nice idea, but it creates a dynamic that can’t be changed.  There is an old parable about what’s most important to people.  The question is: what do most workers want – money, status or recognition?   The answer, surprisingly, is recognition. 

Over the years, researchers from Gartner to the Harvard Review of Business have done studies and the answer also comes back the same – recognition is what most motivates people to perform.

So make your list or just pick one person.  There is no pat answer to how many people need to be recognized.  The fewer, the better, actually, because it makes the act mean so much more if it isn’t handed out to dozens of people.

You can send a personal note, hand-written if you really want to maximize the effect, that will keep the best people contributing because they WANT to help the team.



4.      Ideation

Scientists and psychologists have proven that just turning off conscious thought allows the mind to work on and even generate new ideas or concepts.   Struggling to come to conclusions or new ideas can lead to frustration.

There are a range of apps that help with ideation. 

One such app is available at Brainsparker.com.   it encourages the creative juices to flow and ideas to flourish.  Plus, it also works to take away some of the mental blocks that prevent great ideas from being born.

There are versions for both iOS (Apple)  and Android so get the free app for your phone or tablet and use what might be thought of as “downtime” and turn it very important creative time.  Who knows?  You might be able to figure out new and better ways to handle some of the very things your meeting might be about.

So, consider how the trip to the airport can become one of the most productive parts of your day.